Cabosanroque is a collaborative of sound artists Laia Torrents and Roger Aixut, based in Barcelona. In group works variously between experimental music, plastic and performing arts, their work aims the expressive possibilities of machine, object and sound. They often produce architectural installations. 1)

The duo has collborated with Alessandro “Asso” Stefana.


Mechanical Orchestra

The Mechanical Orchestra is a large Indiscrete instrument made up of many individual sound making components. The instrument acts as a kind of orchestron that plays a wide range of music that is programmed into it. The instrument uses computerized stepper motors to activate various interactions with acoustic sections of the instrument.



The ensemble seems to do collaborations with various other music makers with stage based music. Cabo San Roque is making instruments that are being played as acoustic instruments along with other, often orchestral, instruments. ~2006 or earlier 2)


The ensemble shifts to making sound objects that are self playing instruments, often using stepper motors. These instruments are often played with other musicians on stage. ~2010 3) 4)


The ensemble is making large cacophonous art installations, presented in galleries. ~2017 onward5)


Neighter artist seems to have a large art related web presence outside as the duo.
Both artists seem to have worked on film scores.
the installation work, which is mostly shown as still frames appears to be the most relevant to this wiki.
Website 6)
Youtube 7)
The practice of Cabo San Roque is very hard to pin down. They seem to be prolific makers of complex works.

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