This is the Experimental Musical Instrument wiki.

This wiki was created to host documentation about musical instruments that were built with the intention of being experimental instruments in the context of the musical environments they come from. The notion that they are attempting something that is unknown is important for this distinction. This wiki will attempt to document and find connections between various instruments, their makers, and the existing cultural instruments that influence their making.

This is a personal project by Wesley Hicks attempting to organize information about different musical instruments. This wiki comprises much of my research notes into different instruments and makers, along with some relevant tangents. This project was titled Experimental Musical Instruments after the publication edited by Bart Hopkin, it has no connection to it other then inspiration.

Currently the best way to navigate this wiki is by Makers, it is by far the most complete directory.

See idiosyncrasy to gain an understanding of what instruments this wiki is intended for.

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