By Length of Tubing

1.5 feet of tubing (F5)

2 feet of tubing (C5)
Piccolo Trumpet, Sopranino Saxhorn, Alto Cornetto
2.25 feet of tubing (Bb4)
Piccolo Trumpet, Piccolo Trombone, Sopranino Saxhorn
2.4 feet of tubing (A3)

3 feet of tubing (F3)
Soprano Trumpet, Sopranino Ophicleide, Keyed Bugle (likely), Tenor Cornetto
3.25 feet of tubing (Eb3)
Sopranino Trombone, Soprano Trumpet, Soprano Cornet, Soprano Helicon, Sopranino Ophicleide, Keyed Bugle, Soprano/Sopranino Saxhorn, Tenor Cornetto

4 Feet of tubing (C4)
Trumpet, Cornet, Soprano Ophicleide, Keyed Bugle, Soprano Serpent, Cornone/Contrabass Cornetto
4.5 feet of tubing (Bb3)
Soprano Trombone, Trumpet, Cornet, Flugal Horn, Valved Post Horn1), Alto Helicon, Normaphone, Soprano Ophicleide, Soprano/Alto Saxhorn

6 feet of tubing (F3)
Mellophone, Alto/Quinticlave Ophicleide, Serpent
6.5 feet of tubing (Eb3)
Alto Trumpet, Alto Trombone, Mellophone, Alto Horn, British Tenor Horn, Tenor Helicon, Alto Normaphone, Alto/Quinticlave Ophicleide, Alto/Tenor Saxhorn

8 feet of tubing (C3)
Tenor Trombone, Euphonium, French Tuba, Sudrophone, Bass Ophicleide, Serpent
9 feet of tubing (Bb2)
Tenor Trombone, Bass Trumpet, French Horn/Marching French Horn (Bb only), Baritone, Euphonium, German Tenor Horn, Tenor Wagner Tuba, Baritone Helicon, Sudrophone, Tenor Normaphone, Bass Ophicleide, Baritone Saxhorn

12 feet of tuning (F2)
Cimbasso, Bass Trombone, French Horn, Sousaphone, Tuba, Bass Wagner Tuba, Bass Helicon, Contrabass/Monstre Ophicleide
13 feet of tubing (Eb2)
Cimbasso, Bass Trombone, Sousaphone, Tuba, Bass Helicon, Contrabass/Monstre Ophicleide, Bass Saxhorn

16 feet of tubing (C2)
Cimbasso, Contrabass Trombone, Sousaphone, Contrabass Tuba, Contrabass Helicon, Contrabass Serpent
18 feet of tubing (Bb1)
Cimbasso, Contrabass Trombone, Sousaphone, Contrabass Tuba, Contrabass Helicon, Contrabass Saxhorn

26 feet of tubing (Eb1)
Subcontrabass Tuba, (sub)Contrabass Saxhorn, Shorter Saxhorn Bourdon

32 feet of tubing (C1)
Hoffnung Tuba

36 feet of tubing (Bb0)
Riesen Kontrabass, Slender Bourdon Saxhorn, The Harvard Tuba, Markneukirchen Riesentuba

52 feet of tubing (Eb0)
Giant Bourdon Saxhorn, Trombotonar2)

By Taper of the Cone

Pitch Range Cylindrical Slide Slight Cone Medium Cone Steep Cone
Bb4/C5 Piccolo Trumpet Piccolo Trombone
Eb4/F4 Soprano Trumpet Sopranino Trombone Soprano Cornet Soprano Helicon
Bb3/C4 Trumpet Soprano Trombone Post Horn Cornet Flugel Horn
Eb3/F3 Alto Trumpet Alto Trombone Mellophone Alto Horn Tenor Horn
Bb2/C3 Bass Trumpet Tenor Trombone French Horn Baritone Euphonium
Eb2/F2 Eb/F Cimbasso Bass Trombone French Horn Narrow Bore Tuba Eb Tuba
Bb1/C2 Bb/C Cimbasso Contrabass Trombone Narrow Bore Tuba? Bb Contrabass Tuba

By Bore Diameter

Instrument Small Medium Large
Trumpet .450“ .472”
Tenor Trombone .480“-.508” .525″ .547″

Instrument Proportions

Trumpet Trombone Horn
Mouthpiece taper 21% 9% 11%
Cylindrical part 29% 52% 61%
Bell 50% 39% 28%



A chart of Conn Bore sizes based off markings on the instruments 4)
Bore chart based off mouthpiece number size 5)
Tube lengths 8)

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