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David Castiblanco is the instrument maker for the group Latin Latas. He has said his primary inspirations are education and environmentalism. He actively seeks out new sounds saying that instead of making many traditional instrument out of garbage he would rather make instruments that draw out the sounds of the materials themselves, leading to new and original tonal colors.

Latin Latas

Latin Latas is a Trash Orchestra. The name translates to Latin Cans, in reference to a tin can, a common item used as a resonator in instruments made from recycled materials.


Latin Latas seems to have 4 primary members and has an extended collective of over 50 members. David Castiblanco- Drummer and instrument builder Andrea Defrancisco- Lead singer and guitarist. ??- Flute player ??-


Percussion instrument using compressed water bottles


David seems to only be making instruments for the ensemble, he does not have an online presence of his own.
he seems motivated and outspoken about the idea of building more experimental instruments, hopefully more experimental work will be made.
Latin Latas Website (Dubious securities and insecure connection) 1)
Interview with David Castiblanco 2)
Latin Latas Instagram (how I originally discovered the group) 3)
TEDx talk done by Andrea Defrancisco 4)

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