An electromechanical component is one that uses an electrical signal to cause some kind of mechanical change, such as a motor turning. Often this is done by an electrical current that creates a magnetic field which causes a physical movement.1) Electromechanical musical instruments are ones that use electricity to move parts that generate an acoustic sound. This does not include instruments that use a more complex processing of electricity such as speakers, modulators, or synthesizers. Examples can include hammers that strike based off an electric signal or wheels that spin when activated. A prime example of a commonly used electromechanical tool is the stepper motor.

Musical instrument makers who make use electromechanical parts

Electromechanical Components

Stepper motors
Switches and Relays


Not included in the discussion is the use of piezo transducers and electric pickups. Though Piezo Transducers can be used as a speaker element, they are more commonly use as a microphone element and much like electric pickups, don't represent the sound generating method.
When used as a sound generator Piezo Transducers are part of an electric or electronic musical instrument.

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