John Kovac is a harp builder and also an instrument tinkerer. He designs and builds instruments out of PVC. The majority of his instruments are PVC versions of existing instruments such as harps, slide whistles, ektara, and the washtub bass. He also has some more unusual instruments that have far more features of his own creation. He has authored two books about making PVC instruments, one on making harps 1) and another on building a variety of PVC instruments 2). He is the instrument builder for the East Coast PVC Band.



Keyboard2Keyboard is a attachment to a piano that allows one to play piano using an interface that resembles a conventional computer keyboard.


John Kovac has made a number of unique harps that are mostly like the common form of the instrument but they each have minor alterations to them.


The Harpolin is a combination of a bowed psaltery and a harp. The harp is played horizontally with the bowed psaltery placed on top of it allowing a single player to accompany themselves on both instruments.


PVC Musical Instruments And How To Make Them

ISBN 978-0966866827 Compact disc contains recordings made with the PVC instruments illustrated in this book performed by the East Coast PVC Band.
120 pages : illustrations ; 28 cm + 1 audio disc (digital ; 4 3/4 in.) in back pocket
The book features instructions on how to build-
Violoncello (Cello)
Slide guitar
Talking drone
Gut bucket (Bumbass)
Slide flute
Udu (Nigerian talking drum)
Bull roarer
Mirliton (Kazoo)
Cuica (Brazilian friction drum)
Rhurtrummel (German stir drum)
Rain stick
Nail violin

Harpmaking Made Simple

ISBN 978-0966866803

The East Coast PVC Band

The band appears to have four members and was functioning from 2006-2010 but there is no videos of the band since. The majority of the online content of the band is posted on John's youtube page.


Website 3)
Youtube 4)
Article on the East Coast PVC Band 5)

John's wife Judy is frequently shown playing a large wooden lamellophone called a Marimbula, This instrument is unique and seems likely to be designed and built by John.

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