Ken Butler is a string instrument maker who make sculptural hybrid string instruments. These instruments are often made from found objects and pieces of domestic materials. Butler's Golf Club Sitar/Tabla won the 2016 Guthman Competition. Butler is the only player of the Vibraband who learned directly from the creator Stan Wood.


Guthman Competition

Video of the Golf Club Sitar/Tabla being played as part of the Guthman Competition finals 1)


Oddmusic featured Butler's Hybrid Strings. 2)
He has another feature for his Octavator. 3)


EMI Magazine VOLUME 8 # 3 MARCH 1993 4)
“Ken Butler’s Hybrid Instruments”: Ken Butler. 5 pages; 15 photos.
A background and description of Ken Butler’s hybrid instruments and their playing techniques. The instruments are made up of household objects or other found objects fitted with strings and other sounding devices, usually employing a pickup. His notion of ‘hyper utility’ is clearly evidenced in instruments such as the Bicycle Seat Violin, Machine Gun Viola and Baseball Bat/Cane/Cello. [Additional keywords: sound sculpture ]


vimeo 5)
Official website 6)
Old website 7)
Guthman page 8)

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