Martin Molin is the instrument builder behind the instruments of Wintergaten. The group is famous for the Marble Machine and the ongoing project of building the Marble Machine X.


The instruments Molin makes are largely Iterative and Indiscrete. The Marble Machine, and Marble Machine X are mostly Self Contained and can be considered One Man Bands.

Marble Machine

A large One Man Band that uses a pin roll to operate several acoustic instruments including drums, a cymbal, a bass guitar, and a vibraphone.

Starmachine 2000x

This is a complex looping music box that uses punch rolls of paper to operate.


A hand held modular synthesizer that uses a ribbon sensor to determine the pitch of the notes played on it.

Marble Machine X

This instrument is a new, more complex, iteration of the marble machine. many of the original components have been redesigned to function more accurately. The project of building the Marble Machine X has been crowd funded and mediated through Wintergaten's social media. The Marble Machine X has indiscrete parts, with major song releases happening when each individual component is completed. The Cyber Bass is an indiscrete component of the Marble Machine X. This instrument is incomplete at the time of writing (April 2020).


The Ondophone is a hammered slide monochord which plays with a tremolo produced by a spring action hammer. The sound of the instrument has been compared to a combination of the Marxophone and the Ondes Martenot. The instrument has the ability to sustain with the use of a Ebow.

Cyber Bass

The Cyber Bass is a bass guitar that has been modified to be played with the use of the marbles from the Marble Machine X. This instrument is indiscrete from the Marble Machine X.


Youtube 1)

I greatly dislike the tone Martin has about the Ondophone (as can be seen in the video). He is dismissive of the character of the instruments and his feelings about it indicate an aesthetic elitism about the way instruments should sound.

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