Susan Rawcliffe is an experimental flute maker who works exclusively with ceramics to make her instruments. She is based out of the Angels Gate Cultural Center in San Pedro, California. She was a frequent contributor to EMI magazine and a collaborates with Roberto Velázquez Cabrera in researching precolombian musical instruments. Many of her instruments are influenced by precolomian Mexican instruments.


All of the major innovative instruments made by Susan Rawcliffe are ceramic flutes. She has made many experiemnts in the timbre and she has many instruments that utilize turbulence in the character of their sound.

Harmonic Flutes
Multi-Performer Instruments
Polyglobular tube Flutes
Tubular Flutes


Website 1)
Youtube channel 2)
Profile on Angeles Gate 3)

I had a brief studio Susan back in 2016 and got to experience some of her remarkable instruments. Unfortunately we did not have time to discuss any theory surrounding the construction of experimental flutes,or time to discuss the similarities in our art practices.

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