The Xenharmonicon is a journal with a focus of experimental music and microtonal music. The magazine is published by Bill Alves and John H. Chalmers along with a curatorial board.

Current Journal 2018+


Historic Issues 1974-1998

The Xenharmonicon was a journal that ran from 1974 to 1998 that had a focus on experimental and microtonal music. The magazine was published by John H. Chalmers through the University of California San Diego. There is no known digital copies of the magazine but there is an archive of the articles that were originally published in it.

Volume 1 (Spring 1974)

Editorial and Prospectus, John Chalmers

Four Items, Lou Harrison

The Bosanquetian 7-Rank Keyboard After Poole and Brown, Erv Wilson

Xenharmonic Bulletin No. 1, Ivor Darreg

Xenharmonic Bulletin No. 2, Ivor Darreg

Harmonic Series - Normal Overtones (chart), Ivor Darreg

Harmonic Series Compared with Quartertone and 12-tone Tempered Scales (chart), Ivor Darreg

List of Intervals Relevant to the Theory of Tuning (chart), Ivor Darreg

Selections from Compositions by Ivor Darreg (score), Ivor Darreg

Computer Generated Tuning Tables (chart), John Chalmers

Volume 2 (Fall 1974)

Notes & Comments, John Chalmers

The Evolutionary Music System, Thomas Stone

Bosanquet - A Bridge - A Doorway to Dialog, Erv Wilson

A Classification of Tonal Systems, and a Proposed Standardization of Signatures, Erv Wilson

At the Tomb of Charles Ives (score), Lou Harrison

Xenharmonic Bulletin No. 3, Ivor Darreg

Guitar Fretting Table 19-tone (chart), Ivor Darreg

Some New Linear Temperaments, John Chalmers

Volume 3 (Spring 1975)

Notes & Comments, John H. Chalmers, Jr.

Xenharmonic Bulletin No. 4, Ivor Darreg

On the Enharmonic Tetrachord (score), Ivor Darreg

Prelude for Guitar, in E Minor (score), Ivor Darreg

An American Gamelan, William Colvig

On This Thing Called Scalatron, Richard J. Harasek

Scalatron Brochure (advertisement), Richard J. Harasek

Well Tempered Notes, Richard J. Harasek

The Generalized Keyboard Scalatron, George Secor

Unified Visualization and Notation of Xenharmonic Systems, George Secor

A New Look at the Partch Monophonic Fabric, George Secor

A Phrase for Arion's Leap (score), Lou Harrison

Preface to “Two Phrases in Free Style”, Kerry G. Lewis

Phrase in Free Style #1 (score), Kerry G. Lewis

Phrase in Free Style #2 (score), Kerry G. Lewis

The Application of Rothenberg's Pattern Recognition Model to the Structure of Tetrachords and Tetrachordal Scales, John H. Chalmers, Jr.

On Linear Notations and the Bosanquet Keyboard, Erv Wilson

On the Development of Intonational Systems by Extended Linear Mapping, Erv Wilson

Volume 4 (Fall 1975)

Notes and Comments, John H. Chalmers, Jr.

Multiple Division of the Octave and the Tonal Resources of 19-tone Temperament: Chapter 11 - Joseph Yasser, M. Joel Mandelbaum

Xenharmonic Bulletin No. 5, Ivor Darreg

Ivor Darreg's Musical Compositions Conceived for the Medium of Tape Recording (chart), Ivor Darreg

Xenharmonic Bulletin No. 6, Ivor Darreg

Episodes in the 17-Tone System (score), Ivor Darreg

Well Tempered Notes, Richard Harasek

Specifications of the Secor Generalized Keyboard Scalatron, George Secor

Braid Piece (score), Barbara Benary

Tonal Incarnations, Barbara Benary

Item: Five-tone, Six-tone, & Seven-tone Modal Forms within the Traditional Matrix of Two Tetrachords Separated by a Nine to Eight, Lou Harrison

Cyclic Scales, John H. Chalmers, Jr.

The 12+7+12=31 Geometry Applied to 3 Percussion Keyboards, Erv Wilson

19-tone Clavichord (advertisement), Erv Wilson

Volume 5 (Spring 1976)

Notes & Comments, John H. Chalmers, Jr.

The Golden Net (score), Douglas Walker

Xenharmonic Bulletin No. 7, Ivor Darreg

Colorless Green Ideas Sleep Furiously (score), Ivor Darreg

A Symposium in the Study of Tricesimoprimal Music (advertisement), Robert Chamberlin

The Pitches of Meantone Assigned to the 19-tone Generalized Keyboard (chart), Erv Wilson

Some Details Concerning The 19-Tone Clavichord, Jay Scott Hackleman

Notes and Comments, George Secor

The Trouble with Equal Temperaments, George Secor

An Approach to the Construction of Microtonal Valved Brass Instruments - The French Horn, George Secor

Incidental Music for Corneille's “Cinna” (score), Lou Harrison

Volume 6 (Summer 1977)

Notes and Comments, Six, John H. Chalmers, Jr.

Manual of Quartertone Harmony (Translated from the French by Ivor Darreg), Ivan Vyshnegradski

Piano Study #5 (for JPR) (score), Larry Polansky

Movement for Lou Harrison, for Two Violins (score), Larry Polansky

Eight Pieces for Harp in Ditone Diatonic (score), Larry London

Xenharmonic Bulletin No. 8, Ivor Darreg

Three Short Preludes (score), Douglas Walker

“The Dayspring,” music for 19-tone clavichord (score), Douglas Walker

19-Tone Scale for the Clavichord-19 (chart), Erv Wilson

31 Tone Meantone Tuning - Link Between Past and Future, Herman Pedtke

Guitar with Interchangeable Fingerboards, A. Peter Westbrook

Volume 7+8 (Spring 1979)

Notes and Comments: Seven and Eight, John H. Chalmers, Jr.

Introduction to Everything, Cris Forster

Chrysalis, Cris Forster

Harmonic/Melodic Canon IV, Cris Forster

Diamond Marimba II, Cris Forster

Ascent of the Phoenix (score), C. Forster

“… out of fathomless Dark/into limitless Light …” (score), Douglas Walker

Xenharmonic Bulletin No. 9, Ivor Darreg

Anthracite Sweetheart (score), Brian Hartzler

A Short History of Thirty-One Tones to the Octave, Martin Sweidel

Fantasia in 19-Tone Equal Temperament (score), Martin Sweidel

Fabio Colonna's Sambuca, Lynn Wood Martin

Decimal Music, Gary Morrison

Decadence (score), Gary Morrison

Item: Thoughts while Designing a Gamelan, Lou Harrison

A Chart of All Superparticular Ratios from 2/1 through 81/80 with Value (or Size) in Cents (chart), William Colvig

Four Duets for Psaltery and Harp (score), David Rosenthal

Helix Song (score), David Rosenthal

Four Pieces in Didymus's Chromatic (score), Larry London

Movement for Andréa Smith (My Funny Valentine for Just String Quartet) (score), Larry Polansky

Binary Flute, Denny Genovese

Web of Fifths and Thirds (chart), Scott Makeig

Polychordal Arrays of MOS Scales, John H. Chalmers, Jr.

A Collection of Scales With Nineteen Tones, John H. Chalmers, Jr.

Some Additional Nineteen-tone Scales, John H. Chalmers, Jr.

Volume 9 (1986)

Notes and Comments, Daniel J. Wolf

Tritriadic Scales with Seven Tones, John H. Chalmers, Jr.

A Kind Word or Two About Alexander John Ellis on the Occasion of the Centennial 1885-1985 of the Second English Edition of His Translation of and Appendix to Helmholtz's Sensations of Tone, Ivor Darreg

Without Frets (I): General Considerations, David Feldman

Going Places (score), David Feldman

Combination-Product Set Patterns, Kraig Grady

String Quartet (1965-1975), I.S.I.M (score), Douglas Leedy

Will You Miss Me (score), Larry Polansky

The Marwa Permutations, Ervin M. Wilson

The Melodic Version (1984) of The Second Dream of the High-Tension Line Stepdown Transformer from The Four Dreams of China (1962): Notes by the Composer, La Monte Young

Volume 10 (1987)

Notes and Comments, D. J. Wolf

Monochordal Interpretations of Propositions in Euclid's Elements, Jon Barlow

Tritriadic Scales with Seven Tones, Part Two: Derived Forms and Structural Properties, John H. Chalmers, Jr.

Table of Errors in Equally-Tempered Intervals (chart), Ivor Darreg

Four Bass Studies (what to do when the night comes…) (score), Larry Polansky

The Purvi Modulations, Ervin M. Wilson

Trio: The Sands (music that doesn't bother) (score), Daniel Wolf

Volume 11 (1989)

Notes and Comments, Daniel J. Wolf, p. ii

Tetrachordal Scales and Complexes, John H. Chalmers, Jr., pp. 1-20

A Question of Microtonal Notation, Ezra Sims, pp. 21-24

Speculum Pélogi, D. J. Wolf, pp. 25-33

Mr. Cage, His Ghosts, and Cheap Imitation(s), Daniel J. Wolf, pp. 34-42

A Linear Twenty-Nine Tone Scale, Jose L. Garcia, pp. 43-45

Notes on a New Marimba, its Tuning, and its Music, Erv Wilson, Stephen Smith, and Kraig Grady, pp. 46-60

Review of The Science of Musical Sound, by John R. Pierce; and Lutes, Viols and Temperaments, by Mark Lindley, Douglas Leedy, pp. 61-67

Movement for Lou Harrison, for just bass quartet (score), Larry Polansky, pp. 68-89

Xenharmonikon I through Xenharmonikon X, an Index (chart), Daniel J. Wolf, pp. 90-93

Volume 12 (Spring 1989)

Notes and Comments, Daniel J. Wolf, p. ii

D'alessandro, Like a Hurricane, Erv Wilson, pp. 1-39

Tritriadic Scales with Seven Tones. Part Three: The M→T and D→M Matrices, John H. Chalmers, Jr., pp. 40-68

Development of a 53-tone Keyboard Layout, Larry A. Hanson, pp. 69-87

Supplement: Makers of Instruments, et cetera, Part 1 (advertisement), Daniel J. Wolf, pp. 88-89

Volume 13 (Spring 1991)

Notes and Comments, John H. Chalmers, Jr., pp. 1-3

Information and Guidelines for Subscribers and Contributors to Xenharmonikôn, John H. Chalmers, Jr., pp. 3-4

Biases in Xenharmonic Scales, I. Darreg and B. McLaren, pp. 5-19

General Methods for Generating Musical Scales, B. McLaren, pp. 20-44

Notes Towards Quasi-Tonal Treiskaidekaphilia, Paul Rapoport, pp. 45-52

Three Approaches to Harmony in 13-TET, John H. Chalmers, Jr., pp. 53-64

Interactive Program - Just Modulations (computer program), Buzz Kimball, pp. 65-66

Season of Dust (score), Buzz Kimball, pp. 67-69

T1: california duet for trombone and trombonist (score), R. Marsanyi, pp. 70-76

Composing in Seven Equal, Clem Fortuna, pp. 77-79

String Quartet in Seven-Equal (score), C. Fortuna, pp. 80-85

The Discovery of a 14-tone Scale, Kraig Grady, pp. 86-89

A Graphical Technique for Finding Equally-Tempered Scales by Their Harmonic Resources, Gary Morrison, pp. 90-94

Review of Selected Musical Compositions (1948-1972), by Adriaan Daniël Fokker, edited by Rudolf Rasch, Douglas Leedy, pp. 95-99

Review of Pitch for the International Microtonalist, Vol. 1, No. 4, edited by Johnny Reinhard, John H. Chalmers, Jr., pp. 100-101

Review of Pitch, Pi, and Other Musical Paradoxes, by Charles E. H. Lucy, John H. Chalmers, Jr., pp. 102-103

Resources, John H. Chalmers, Jr., pp. 104-105

Volume 14 (Spring 1993)

Notes & Comments, John H. Chalmers, Jr., pp. 1-2

Those Difficult Teens (and Other Microtonal Scales), B. McLaren, pp. 3-6

A Nostalgic Look at the 20s (& Other Microtonal Scales), B. McLaren, pp. 6-8

The Low Profile of Those Higher Divisions of the Octave, B. McLaren, pp. 8-11

The Uses and Characteristics of Non-octave Scales, B. McLaren, pp. 12-22

An Interview With Ivor Darreg About “The Xenharmonic Frontier”, B. McLaren, pp. 23-39

An Analysis of Ivor Darreg's XF1, Volume 1, Number 12, B. McLaren, pp. 40-49

Xenharmonic Frontier Vol. 1, No. 9: 21/oct (score), Ivor Darreg, pp. 50-52

Xenharmonic Bulletin No. 12, Ivor Darreg, pp. 53-79

Horn (score), Larry Polansky, pp. 80-90

Epimores (score), Carter Scholz, pp. 91-92

An Imaginary Nocturne (score), Douglas Walker, pp. 93-108

limit19.c, a limit 19 calculator for just intonation music composition (computer program), Matthew Walker, pp. 109-113

Volume 15 (Autumn 1993)

Notes & Comments 15, John H. Chalmers, Jr., pp. 1-2

The Tonality of the Golden Section, Walter O'Connell, pp. 3-18

The Year of the Monkey, Brink McGoogy, pp. 19-26

The Uses and Characteristics of Non-just Non-equal-tempered Scales, B. McLaren, pp. 27-41

Circles of Fifths, B. McLaren, pp. 42-51

9/Oct Piano Piece (score), B. McLaren, pp. 52-55

Giving Number a Voice, Douglas Leedy, pp. 56-59

The Triadic Diamond, the Triadic Reversed Diamond and Their Constituent Tetrachords when D = 3/2, John H. Chalmers, pp. 60-73

The Touch-Tone® Signal Pitches as Subsets of Stretched 14-Tone ET's, John H. Chalmers, pp. 74-80

Cents and Non-Cents: Logarithmic Measures of Musical Interval Magnitude, John H. Chalmers, pp. 81-95

Review of The Just Intonation Primer, by David B. Doty, John H. Chalmers, Jr., pp. 96-97

A Numerical Theory of Scale Invention, Bruce R. Gilson, pp. 98-134

Volume 16 (Autumn 1995)

Notes & Comments 16, John H. Chalmers, pp. 1-3

In Memoriam Ivor Darreg, John H. Chalmers, pp. 4-18

Ivor Darreg: An Interview About His Life and Work, B. McLaren, pp. 19-35

Macrotonal Scales, B. McLaren, pp. 36-44

More About Non-Octave Scales, B. McLaren, pp. 45-53

An Interview with Ralph David Hill, B. McLaren, pp. 54-60

The Notation of Equal Temperaments, Paul Rapoport, pp. 61-84

34-Tone Notation System Based on Adjusted 17-Tone, Gary Morrison, pp. 86-91

On the Nature of Working with Performers, Kraig Grady, p. 92

Centaur - A 7-Limit 12 Tone Tuning (chart), K. Grady, p. 93

A Rhythmic Application of the Horagrams, Kraig Grady, pp. 94-98

Drones 1994 #2: Old Commas Inverted and Revisited (score), Warren Burt, pp. 99-102

“COMMAS” Dec. 92-Jan. 93 for Electronic Keyboard (score), Warren Burt, p. 103

A Brief History of the Lambdoma and the Musical Properties of the Computer Program for the “Lambdoma Harmonic Keyboard”TM, Barbara Hero, pp. 104-113

Notes on Mysteries, Neil Haverstick, pp. 114-115

Mysteries (score), Neil Haverstick, pp. 116-117

Studien im Gebiet der reinen Stimmung (A Translation of Pages 8 to 18 by Daniel J. Wolf), Shohé Tanaka, pp. 118-125

Review of Principios de la Gama Dinámica, by Eduardo Sábat Garibaldi, John Chalmers, pp. 126-127

Volume 17 (Spring 1998)

Notes & Comments 17, John H. Chalmers, pp. 1-3

Notes on Lattice: one approach to dynamic tuning, Carter Scholz, pp. 4-8

34-ET Notation System Based on Major and Minor Thirds, Larry A. Hanson, pp. 9-11

Tuning, Tonality and Twenty-Two-Tone Temperament, Paul Erlich, pp. 12-40

The Musical Animal's Musical Adventures, Heinz Bohlen, pp. 41-56

A Brief History of Microtonality in the Twentieth Century, B. McLaren, pp. 57-110

The Number of 23-Prime-Limit Superparticular Ratios Less than 10,000,000, John H. Chalmers, pp. 111-115

Pitch, Scale and Tuning in Rusty: A Fuzzy Logic Approach to the Tuning Problem, Michael Saunders and Michael Greenhough, pp. 116-119

Review of On the Relations of Tone, by Martin Vogel, Douglas Leedy, pp. 120-123

Letter to the Editor, Heinz Bohlen, p. 124


There is a new journal started in 2018 also running under the name Xenharmonikon 2)
Link to with Web Archive (snapshot from December 17th 2001) of the Xenharmonicon website 3) The historic issues are available to purchase as physical copies (still no digital copies to be found) 4)

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