Simon Hügli, known as under the name Zimoun is a sound installation artist who makes cacophonous drones out of many copies of self playing agitation instruments. The majority of his instruments use stepper motors to move various materials around, and are presented in mass to produce specific white noise effects.

The type of sound made by a Zimoun sculpture is often Stochastic, creating a cocophany and overall consistent noise.


Zimoun's instruments are often fungible and form indiscrete sets where the amount of them can be difficult to count. Often the sets are made of nearly exact copies of the same instrument, with the constructions looking similar to commercially produced products.these instruments are Self Contained and viewers do not directly interact with the instruments. He has a tendency to use cardboard as a primary material and the color palettes of his work is often significantly restricted to the color of the cardboard, black and white.


Zimoun is a nickname given to him by a childhood friend and is a kind of wordplay off of the name Simon. 1), His full name is seldom used and I could only find it specifically in this German language interview. 2)

I find the interactions Zimoun has with the commodity world interesting (collaboration with a watch company), his adoption of the commercial worlds aesthetics may not be limited to a critique, and in some cases seems to openly embrace their ideologies.

Zimoun's website- 3)
Specifically the sculptural works on his website-4)

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