Craig Huxley invented the Blaster Beam, a Long-String Instrument that is used to make various scifi sound effects. “Famously featured on Micheal Jackson's hits such as “Beat It,” all 10 Star Trek motion pictures, and more recently JJ Abrams' “10 Cloverfield Lane,” VR game “Raw Data,” and Seth McFarlane's “The Orville” on FOX.” 1) The instrument was patented by Huxley in 1984.
Instruments similar to the Blaster Beam were made as early as 1970 by John Lazelle and Francisco Lupica 2).


Youtube channel dedicated to the instrument 3) There is only one video uploaded as of now.
Wikipedia article on the instrument, note the prior people who built the instrument in the 1970s. 4)

There do not appear to be any other instruments that Huxley invented, this is curious as it indicates that he likely took to the strategy of modifying an existing instrument to his needs (and then patenting it). I have yet to find any information about Huxley giving credit to prior makers of the instrument or of him indicating exactly how he heard of the instrument or where he may have seen it before building his own.

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