Francisco Lupica is a spiritual musician and instrument maker based out of Venice Beach, California. He is known for the Cosmic Beam Experience, a One Man Band made out of self made instruments.

Cosmic Beam Experience

The Cosmic Beam Experience is a set of instruments made up of the Cosmic Beam as well as various drums, gongs, chimes and bells, all of which are played by Lupica.
The ensemble is sometimes accompanied by guitars, and various Indian string instruments.

Cosmic Beam

The cosmic Beam is made from a 13 foot long steel girder from a semi truck strung with stings along its length with electromagnetic pickups on either end.

The Cosmic Beam is a Long-String Instrument that is very similar in construction to the Blaster Beam made by Craig Huxley. By most accounts the cosmic Beam was built in the early 1970s, predating the Blaster Beam. The Blaster Beam is likely based off of the Cosmic Beam.

Drums, Gongs, Chimes, and Bells

The other instruments present in the Cosmic Beam experience are all hand made by Lupica but are instruments relatively similar to their common relatives.


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