The Daxophone is a friction idiophone invented by Hans Reichel. This instrument is notable for its voice like tone quality and the unusual array of sound effect like sounds it can make. The instrument is notable for the amount of builders who have independantly build their own versions of the instrument.

Here is an image of the daxophone I have built as part of my instrument collection.


Here is a link to a PDF from the now defunct daxophone website explaining how to construct the instrument 1)

Here is a link chronicling the construction of a daxophone by Daniel Fishkin from his visit with Hans Reichel in 2007. 2)

Notable Players and Builders

Instrument Discography

Hans Reichel (1949-2011)

The Dawn of Dachsman (1987, FMP)
Shanghaied on Tor Road: The World's 1st Operetta Performed on Nothing but the Daxophone (1992, FMP CD 46)
Lower Lurum (1993/1994, Rastascan BRD 016)
Yuxo: A New Daxophone Operetta (2002, A/L/L 003)

Daniel Fishkin



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