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Experimental Musical Instruments

EMI is by far the most comprehensive and important resource related to this wiki. Published by Bart Hopkin, the magazine features different instrument makers and their instruments, theory surrounding them, music they have made and even technical guides on how to build instruments. The Magazine ran from 1985-1999.
Link to PDFs of all back issues of EMI on 1)

Catgut Acoustical Society

Founded by Carleen Hutchins the society works to unravel the mysticism behind the violin and string instrument construction. The journal had the goal of producing clear and concise writings about the acoustics and construction methods of string instruments in such a way that experiments were repeatable and led to the development of most simplistic and effective construction methods. The Journal ran from 1964-2004.
Journal website and index- 2)
Link to PDF downloads of the entire Journal- 3)


Experimental Gamelan Journal started in 1984. “Balungan is an international journal that presents both scholarly and artistic perspectives on Indonesian and international gamelan music and related performing arts. Each issue contains articles, interviews, scores, and information on gamelan activities throughout the world.”

Link to all back issues of Balungan- 4)


The Xenharmonicon was a magazine that had a focus on microtonal music that ran from 1974 to 1998. 5)

American Musical Instrument Society

Galpin Society

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