Sam Battle, also known as Look Mum No Computer, is a musical machine builder, youtuber, and musician. He is known for his overflowing personality and witty banter. He documents his musical instrument inventions on youtube with a wide audience. He is primarily known for building various analog synthesizers and has also made several notable instruments using unique and comical materials and effects.


Synth Bike
Furby Organ
Henry Just Got an Upgrade
Flamethrower Organ
Lego Star Wars
Kosmo's Face
Beer Helmet Instrument
Can Drum Machine


Youtube channel- 1)
Website 2)
TED talk 3)
There are a huge amount of synthesizers Battle made, I do not think the majority of them qualify for this wiki. Eventually I will resolve the rules for electronic and electric musical instruments in order to decide exactly which ones qualify.
Sam has a kind of electric personality that is very interesting. On the surface there is a resemblance to Wintergaten.

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