Stan Wood was the inventor of the Vibraband. Ken Butler is the only Vibraband player to have learned from Stan himself before his death. The instrument was an online following of people learning how to recreate the instrument and learn how to play it. Wood's relation to the Balloon Bass is unknown, he may be a co-inventor of the instrument.

The Vibraband


The Vibraphone is made from a 11/16th wide by 5 inch long strip of latex rubber. The early instruments were more variant in dimensions and built from balloons and rubber bands. Later the instrument was resolved and somewhat standardized into being made from dental dam rubber with various noted thicknesses from 0.012 to 0.020 inches in thickness.

Playing Technique

There is an article written by David Stützel1) that details in great depth how to make a vibraphone and play it.


The Vibraband facebook group 2)
David Stützel's video on how to make a Vibraband 3)
Balloon Bass youtube channel 4)

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