This is a list of the various music related essays I have written.
All essays on this wiki should be considered in progress and not in any form complete.
For completed essays please see my main website 1). This wiki is for my research notes and the essays featured here are subject to being changed as my research on their topics progresses. These changes can be all at once and rapid or prolonged and awaiting specific pinpoints of information to become available.

To see the list on Instrument Terminology see Sound Making Principles
To see the list of articles on Instrument Makers see Makers.


Essays in a low state of being completed

History of the Ocarina
Ocarina Characteristics- How does each physical characteristic effect the sound of an ocarina?
The Dog Whistle- Essay on the history and misinformation about dog whistles.
Homemade Pads for Wind Instruments
Making Pickups
Low Pitch & High Pitch
Classifying Brass- The difficulty of classifying brass instruments into families
variable pitch drums- the techniques use to allow drums to rapidly change pitch

Plant Species used to make Reeds

Alloys- Looking into the Bronze and Brass Alloys used for making musical instruments.

Essays on Specific Instruments
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