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This is a list of musical ensembles that have instruments that are featured on this wiki. This list also features some categories of ensembles as well as a few musical instrument companies that have built series of instruments.



Bash the Trash
Bamboo Orchestra- mostly made up of Boo like instruments called “Také Marimba” built by Makoto Yabuki. 2)
Bélaműhely- A Hungarian ensemble made up of instruments built by Tóbias Terebessy. 3) 4)
Blue Man Group
Bow Gamelan Ensemble


Cabo San Roque- A collaborative sound art project between artists Laia Torrents and Roger Aixut that produces architectural installations.
Captured by Robots- A metal band with the instruments being Self Playing Instruments. 5)
Chrysalis Project
Compagnie W3- Group that performs on instruments made by Hadrien Bertonniere as well as running workshops and doing community education. 6) 7)
The Cosmic Beam Experience- An ensemble built by Francisco Lupica to perform his unique spiritual musical style. Often used as a One Man Band


Deagan Percussion Instruments
Daxophone Consort Run by Daniel Fishkin 8) 9)
Device Orchestra- Built by Tommi Nieminen, the device orchestra is a electronic ensemble using the stepper motors on various consumer electronics. 10)
Paul Dresher Ensemble


East Coast PVC Band- Built by John Kovac
ELECTRONICOS FANTASTICOS!- Electronic ensemble ran by Ei Wada.
Electric Junkyard Gamelan- Experimental music ensemble of 4 people, instrument maker is Terry Dame.
EMI- EMI magazine has hosted a number of collaborative albums and group performances.
Experimental Gamelan
The Experimental Sound Studio Invented Instruments Ensemble- Located in Chicago. 11)


From Scratch- New Zealand based ensemble founded by and with instruments made by Philip Dadson.
Fluorophone- An ensemble that works with unusual percussion that often have elements of light production as well as sound.
Les Fo'plafonds- French percussion ensemble and cover band who play on elaborate homemade instruments.
Found Collective- A sound art and music collective in Scotland ran by Lomond Campbell 12)


Great Noise Ensemble- An ensemble of build instruments made by Terry Berlier. 13)


Hohner Instruments

Hutchins Consort- Set of 8 scaled violins located in Southern California made by Carleen Hutchins. 14)





Latin Latas- A Trash Orchestra based out of Bogota, Colombia who work with children to build ensembles out of recycled materials. David Castiblanco is the groups instrument builder.
Lightbulb Ensemble- built by Brian Baumbusch as an experimental gamelan inspired ensemble. 15) 16)
Logos' Robot Orchestra- 17)
Lutherie Urbaine 9.3- A french ensemble made of built instruments, Angel Distefano is the main instrument builder. 18) 19) 20)


Małe Instrumenty- (small instruments) Experimental music ensemble with instruments built by Paweł Romańczuk 21) 22) 23) 24)
Marginal Consort
Marx Instruments


Newband- An ensemble made with copies of the instruments made by Harry Partch built by Dean Drummond. 25) 26)


O of Oi- Orchestra of Original Instruments, little information is currently available.
Open Reel Ensemble- A tape reel ensemble managed by Ei Wada.
Oficina do Dedéco- A Brazilian ensemble made out of instrument built by André Pereira 27) 28) 29)


Partch Ensemble
Postinstrumentum- Experimental noise ensemble built by Erik Alalooga. 30) 31)
Powsolo- An art collective with a focus on sound artworks.




Ensemble Sangineto 33) 34)
Scratch Orchestra
Scrap Arts Music
Schreck Ensemble- Experimental ensemble that uses instruments built by Hans van Koolwijk. 35)
SMOGMA- 36) 37)
Sonoscopia- experimental music residency in Porto, Portugal 38) 39)
Stahlquartett- Built and run by Jan Heinke
Steel Cello Ensemble- The ensemble built by Robert Rutman.
Suena Barro- Ceramic instrument ensemble based in Argentina. 40) 41) 42)


Tako Toki- French ensemble that makes all of the instruments that they play 43) 44)
Trashbeatz- 45) 46)
Tundra- Experimental audio visual art installation collective. 47)
Tundravoice- An experimental music ensemble with instruments built by Viktor Lois.




WeLoveTrash- a collective made of Krijn Hendriksen, Hans d’Achard, and Rob van Gils that makes instruments out of trash50) 51)
Wollesonic Laboratories 52) 53)




Zic Zazou- French ensemble that plays on made instruments. Mostly play covers of pop songs and utilize the sound profile of instruments for comedic effect. 54) 55)

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